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All you need to know to get started into microstock. What is microstock all about and what could it mean for you, what do you have to do to get started, where can you sell your images and what path is the best to follow. Starting with microstock is quite easy; everybody with a decent camera can upload images and start earning money. The following articles will help you get started.

What is microstock

In microstock photography photos, illustrations and vector images are sold online. Microstock is open for a wide range of photographers; professional and amateurs can contribute their images. Sales prices are low but images can by sold many times. Read more

Microstock for you

Microstock is open for anyone with a decent camera, and with minimal work everybody can start a portfolio. However there is a big difference between having a few pictures up for sale and going professional. Before you start uploading images you should consider whether microstock is the right path for you to follow. Read more

Why not sell yourself

Selling low budget images can make some money. But as microstock prices per sale are quite low you don't want to split your income. Why not sell your photos or illustrations yourself? Why do the agencies take most of the income? Read more

what are microstock images used for

Who will by your photos? Is there a market for your images? These are valid questions if you want to invest time and energy into microstock. Just have a quick look around and chances are big that you just saw a microstock image. Read more

Easy money

It is the dream of many photographers or illustrators to turn their passion into a way of earning some extra money or even a whole income. Microstock photography is one of the easiest ways to make this dream come true. Read more

how to start selling microstock images

So you want to start selling your photos or illustrations online and earn some extra money. Microstock is the easiest and most accessable way to earn money with your pictures. Read more