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Photography tips and tutorials

Photography tips and tutorials

Photography tutorials and tips on composition, lighting, photographic techniques and post processing to lift your images to a higher level. In this section we don't only focus on microstock photographers as these tutorials will appeal to all photographers who want to improve their photographic skills.

How to use a tripod

Without any doubt, a tripod is my most important photographic accessory. Whenever it is possible I use one! Images are sharper and I have more control over my camera settings. Without it my options for depth of field, shutter speed, diaphragm, iso and artistic possibilities are limited. Read more

How to shoot sharp images

One of the main features that determine image quality is sharpness. Shooting clean, crisp sharp images is not always easy. And there are quite some factors that have an influence on your image sharpness. It can be quite frustrating when you have been taking photos you come home upload your images and notice them to be blurry or out of focus. It happens to every photographer. Read more

How to focus

Focus and sharpness are two different things. An image that is out of focus can be sharpened but you will end up with a sharp out of focus picture. There is no way to fix it. Good focus is only a part of getting sharp images. If you miss the focus you’ll miss the picture! How to get real sharp photos is explained in another tutorial, here we focus on focus. Read more

focusing on hyperfocal distance (landscape photography)

When you focus at the hyperfocal distance everything between halfway that distance and infinity will be sharp. The hyperfocal distance can be used to achieve an optimal the depth of field. It helps avoiding loss of image sharpness due to diffraction and gives optimal DOF in landscape photography. Many photographers find it difficult to use, but actually it is not. In this tutorial we will explain how to use it in an easy and effective way. Read more

Diffraction leads to loss of image sharpness

When I was starting with photography I always wanted to get the best out of my camera. I love to shoot macro images and I always tried to shoot the sharpest photos with a wide depth of field (DOF). By setting a small aperture of f/18 I was not pleased with the result! The image lacked sharpness! My logic reaction was to shoot at even smaller apertures of f/22 and f/32. Now I was really disappointed! Something must have been wrong with my expensive lens; it just didn’t produce sharp pictures! It took me quite some time to find out what was wrong. Without knowing I had crossed the borders of what was possible in photography. Due to the nature of light; a wide DOF doesn’t always lead to more sharpness! This is caused by diffraction. Read more

Depth of field explained (DOF)

The zone, in an image between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that have acceptable sharpness, is called the depth of field or DOF. When focusing you are only able to focus on objects at a certain distance but an area in front as well as behind this point of focus will also appear to be sharp. Thus, increasing the DOF increases the area of sharpness within an image. Read more

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Optimal use of DOF

The use of photo filters