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Microstock agencies

In this section we review and compare the best selling microstock agencies. Every agency has its own policy and sales strategy; we will discuss their strengths and flaws.  Sales statistics and performance analysis of my portfolios at the different microstock agencies.


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Shutterstock review

Founded in 2003 Shutterstock is one of the oldest and biggest microstock agencies, with  over 17 miljon images (photos, illustrations and footage) and over 300 thousand contributors. Shutterstock started as a subscription based agency and is the perfect place if you need to buy lots of images. Many photographers and illustrators claim them to be the best place to sell your images and evaluate them to be their best selling agency. For me they generate half of my microstock income. Read more


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Dreamstime review

Dreamstime is one of the top five microstock agencies. Their business model is a little different than most other agencies. Their pricing method gives more value to popular images. The more downloads an images has the higher the price. Photos, illustrations and editorial images are accepted. Read more


Fotolia review

Fotolia is one of the leaders in the microstock business. Their collection counts over 15 miljon images, photos, vectors and footage. Next to their microstock images they also offer more expensive midstock images. The agency was founded in 2005 in New York City. Read more


Istock review

Istock was the first and is still one of the biggest microstock agencies. They sell a wide range of Royalty Free images, photos and illustrations, but also footage and audio. Despite their relatively high image prices they are very popular among image buyers. Read more


123RF review

123RF is one of the microstock photography agencies I really like. I give them this positive evaluation because it is an agency that makes selling images online, photo and illustration, very easy. Read more


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Canstock review

Canstock is one of the subtop microstock agencies. They have about 6,7 million images in their catalogue. They are known to have the fastest image evaluation of all microstock agencies. Canstock Photo accepts images, photo and illustration as well as footage. Read more


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Bigstock review

Bigstock is a fast easy to use market place for quality microstock images, photo and illustration. Their catalogue incorporates over 9 million royalty free pictures. Bigstock was launched in 2004 under the name Bigstockphoto and is now owned by Shutterstock. Read more


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Depositphoto review

In this review we are evaluating one of the youngest but also one of the fastest rising microstock agencies. Just after a little more than two years of existence they are among the ten best selling microstock agencies. Depositphotos accepts photos, illustrations and editorial images. Read more

My experience in Microstock

My journey into microstock started about three years ago. I don’t really remember how I got the idea to start uploading images, but I know I rapidly started enjoying it. And before I knew I was hooked. I was already into photography for quite a while and at the time I was enrolled in a four year photography course. Read more