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While uploading images and sell them is relatively easy, producing a portfolio that generates quite some money is a lot more difficult. In this section we focus on the mechanisms that matter if you want to become successful in microstock. By improving your workflow, understanding how buyers search for images, looking at your portfolio structure and by understanding microstock search engines you will be able to get the best out of your portfolio.

Quality or quantity

Microstock is mostly considered a game of numbers, the more photos or illustrations you submit, the more income you will generate. To be successful in microstock you need a good balance between image quantity and quality. Read more

Going exclusive or not

There are some microstock agencies that try to lure photographers and illustrators to become exclusive contributors. The promise of higher revenue can be very tempting. What are the advantages and disadvantages of exclusivity. Read more

New content rules

To be successful in microstock you have to upload regularly, you will have to ‘feed the beast’ to generate regular sales. At least this is what you read on many blogs and forums. New content leads to extra sales, what mechanisms are causing this? And how can you use them to generate more sales? Read more

Branding and image linking

In order to become successful in microstock, you have to be able to make an impression on possible buyers and persuade them to buy your photos or images. By creating a portfolio with a unique and recognizable style you can build your own brand. Read more

People images sell better or not

There is no doubt that people images sell well. But is it really true that they sell better than other microstock photos? Everyone wants to make pictures that sell and many of us go on a quest to find the easiest way to accomplish this dream. Read more

Stock suitability

When you want to make it in stock photography, you will have to shoot images that sell. That is not only beautiful and high quality images, but images that have a certain commercial value in microstock. Next to that there are a lot of image categories that are over saturated. Read more