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Big in microstock is a brand new site guiding you into the world of microstock. Online as recent as June 2012 the site is still under construction, but already a vast amount of interesting articles are available. Success or failure is balanced on a very thin line and dependant on details that matter. It is on these details that we want to concentrate: image composition, lighting, subjects, key wording, branding and a whole lot more.

Target groups

  1. Microstock contributors
  2. Photographers and designers who want to earn money by selling their images as microstock. Beginners and advanced microstockers can find information and info to get the best out of their portfolio.

  3. Microstock buyers
  4. Microstock wouldn’t be anything if there weren’t any buyers. In our buyers section we will give an overview of the different microstock agencies, compare prices and guide buyers to find the best solutions for their needs.

  5. Photographers
  6. The photography and the tools and resources sections are not only focusing on microstock but they will appeal to all kinds of photographers. Tips and tutorials on photography and post processing.

The author

About big in microstock photography
Big in Microstock is run by biologist and professional photographer Dirk Ercken. Having worked a couple of years as a scientist, he changed profession and succeeded to combine several passions into a wonderful job. Biology, travel and photography fused together into nature and wildlife photography. Microstock was a helping hand into this new journey, and gave the opportunity to make his dream come true. First microstock images were submitted in 2009. Read his whole microstock journey at 'my experience in microstock'